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Welcome to Frontiers in Physiology

Frontiers  in Physiology is the American Physiological Society’s (APS) flagship program for the professional development of middle and high school science teachers. Frontiers has four main goals and objectives:

  • Provide methods and materials promote the integration of inquiry, equity, and technology into the middle/high school science classroom and into professional development programs;
  • Build ongoing working relationships between research scientists and middle/high school teachers through laboratory research, interactive workshops and online communications;
  • Promote the adoption of standards for K-12 content and pedagogy -- especially inquiry, equity, and technology use -- by middle and high school science teachers through ongoing in-service activities developed collaboratively by teachers and researchers; and
  • Increase teachers' skills in developing, assessing, and utilizing web-based curricular materials and resources, especially in integrating online resources into inquiry-based teaching.

Fulfillment of these goals is accomplished through five programs:

  • Research Teacher Fellowships
  • Online Teacher Fellowships
  • Leadership Fellowships
  • Local Outreach Teams
  • K-12 Seminar Series

In each program, teachers and physiologists work collaboratively to improve science education at middle and high school levels. For more information on each program, including application information, click on “Teacher Fellowships,” “Local Outreach Teams,” and “K-12 Seminar” in the navigation at left.

The Frontiers in Physiology program, launched in 1990, is founded on an educational research-based framework, enhancing its overall impact on teaching and learning. For more information, click on “About the Program” in the navigation at left.

The impacts of the program are evaluated regularly, using both quantitative and qualitative measures and employing both internal and external evaluation methods. Evaluation reports, presentations, and articles can be accessed through the “Program Impacts” link in the left navigation.

Frontiers in Physiology has produced numerous resources for classroom teaching and professional development. Click on “Teaching Resources” in the left navigation.

Funding for Frontiers in Physiology is provided by the APS and numerous funding agencies. For a listing of current and past funding, click on “Funding Sources” in the left navigation.

We welcome your comments and inquiries concerning our program. Please use the “Contact Us” link at left for more information.