Careers in physiology provide opportunities to conduct cutting-edge research, teach the next generation of scientists and medical professionals, and share the excitement of science with the general public. This website provides extensive resources for two major purposes. 1) To help the general public gain a better understanding of the work that physiologists do; and 2) To assist students and new and experienced physiologists in the development of their careers. Information is provided on career topics and on mentoring.

Career Poster

Poster highlighting career opportunities in physiology

What is Physiology?

Physiology helps us understand how the body works.

Careers in Physiology Brochure

Why is physiology important? What do physiologists do? How can I become a physiologist?

PowerPoint Slides on Physiology Careers

Downloadable presentations and notes for outreach talks on physiology and career opportunities for undergrads.

This site was developed by leading researchers in conjunction with the American Physiological Society to educate the public and answer your questions about this fundamental area of science.

Job Board

APS Jobs webpage.