Mentoring is fundamental to a successful career in research. APS supports the mentoring efforts of our members and facilitates the building of strong mentor-mentee relationships through a number of programs and initiatives, several of which are organized and executed by the APS Women in Physiology Committee.  
Mentoring Awards

APS recognizes the importance of mentoring the next generation of scientists and is pleased to honor excellence in mentoring. Nominate your mentor for one of our prestigious mentoring awards.

Mentoring Forum

The Mentoring Forum blog is posted online every other month. Blog topics cover all aspects of mentoring relevant to today’s trainees at all stages of their careers. View a collection of APS Mentoring Forum blogs on popular topics including job planning post-PhD, alternative careers in life science and recruiting new students to your lab.

Mentoring Symposium

The annual APS Mentoring Symposium is organized by members of the Women in Physiology Committee and takes place at the APS annual meeting. View past topics, presentations and learn more from our most recent symposia.