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Award at a Glance

Award amount: $500 + reimbursement of the advanced EB registration fee

Deadline: November 14

Questions? Contact: Sections Administrator

Who Can Apply: Postdoctoral researchers


Award Description

The Environmental & Exercise Physiology Section Postdoctoral Research Award recognizes a postdoctoral fellow (or equivalent) for outstanding research in environmental, exercise, thermal, or applied physiology.

NOTE: When selecting this category, you will be considered for all of the following awards:

  • Gatorade Sport Science Institute Postdoctoral Research Award
  • Nike Loren G. Myhre Postdoctoral Research Award
  • EEP Postdoctoral Research Award

  • Applicant must be a postdoctoral researcher
  • Applicant must be first author on abstract submitted for Experimental Biology



Required Materials:

  • Abstract Number
  • Abstract First Author’s Full Name
  • PDF of Abstract Submission
  • Abstract Sponsor or Advisor’s Full Name
  • Abstract Sponsor or Advisor’s email Address
  • Abstract Sponsor or Advisor’s Telephone Number

Applications are only accepted via online submission.