Schmidt-Nielsen Distinguished mentor & Scientist Award
2017 Schmidt-Nielsen Awardee, Dr. Kurt Albertine2016 Schmidt-Nielsen Awardee, Ormond MacDougald with WIPC Chair, C. Rickards & Pres. Molina2015 Schmidt-Nielsen Awardee, Jennifer Pollock with nominators Jenny Sasser & Jen Sullivan2014 Schmidt-Nielsen Awardee, M. Joyner, Angela Grippo (WIPC Chair) & Pres.-Elect Pollock2013 Awardee, Jerome A. Dempsey2012 Bodil Schmidt-Nielsen Awardee, Kim Barrett2011 Awardee, Doug Eaton2010 Awardee, M. Harold Laughlin2008 Awardee, Joe Granger2006 Awardee, Gabriel Navar2005 Awardee, Christin Carter Su2004 Awardee, Clinton Webb

The Bodil M. Schmidt-Nielsen Distinguished Mentor and Scientist Award honors a member of the American Physiological Society who is judged to have made outstanding contributions to physiological research and demonstrated dedication and commitment to excellence in training of young physiologists whether by mentoring, guiding and nurturing their professional and personal development, developing novel education methods/materials, promoting scientific outreach efforts, attracting individuals to the field of physiology, or by otherwise fostering an environment exceptionally conducive to education in physiology.


Report from the Bodil Schmidt-Nielsen Honorary Symposium

An article, from the March 2017 issue in The Physiologist, on the first Bodil Schmidt-Nielsen Honorary Symposium held in Copenhagen in September 2016.