Translational Control of Muscle Mass
The Journal of Applied Physiology is seeking the submission of original research papers on Translational Control of Muscle Mass. The Highlighted Topics series for the April - June 2019 issues will feature invited mini-reviews, a series editorial, and original manuscripts focusing on this topic.

To be eligible for inclusion in this Highlighted Topics series, manuscripts must not require extensive revisions and must be submitted before October 15, 2018. Manuscripts requiring extensive revisions and late submissions will be considered, but may not be reviewed in time to be eligible for publication in the three-month series.

Note to Authors: All manuscripts should be submitted online via eJournalPress, During the online submission, under the “Keywords, Categories, & Special Section” tab, please choose the correct Highlighted Topics under ‘categories’. In addition, include a note in your cover letter indicating the call for papers to which you are responding.

If you have any questions about this call for papers, you may contact the Editor-in-Chief, the Coordinating Editor for the series, or the editorial assistant.

Coordinating Editor: Dr. Esther Dupont-Versteegden (
Guest Editor: Dr. John McCarthy (
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Sue Bodine (
Editorial Assistant: Angel Marsh ( )

Submission deadline: October 15, 2018