The microbiome and metabolic health

The microbiome is increasingly being recognized as playing a role in multiple diseases including diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. In addition, nutritional factors are recognized to alter microbiotal composition, which in turn alters metabolic responses to certain foods. However, detailed mechanisms for how the microbiome affects metabolic health are emerging topics for further research. The current call for papers is soliciting manuscripts that describe studies on the microbiome impacting any aspect of metabolism or metabolic health using cells, whole animal models, or humans. Manuscripts that assess the functional role of the microbiome on metabolic health as well as work that looks at how the microbiome interacts with other -omic systems including (but not limited to) the genome, transcriptome, and proteome are solicited. The deadline for this new call is 12.31.2019. For further pre-submission enquiries, please contact Dr. Leah Solberg Woods (