Single Cell Analysis

Call for Papers: Single Cell Analysis

The Systems Biology of Cell State Regulation section within the journal Physiological Genomics is issuing a call for primary manuscripts and reviews on the topic of single cell analysis. The capacity to analyze data from single cells has changed our understanding of biology and made us realize that even individual cells within a population can vary greatly for any given parameter. This intercellular heterogeneity is easily missed by experiments that only analyze cellular pools. The heterogeneity of cells can, in some cases, be a critical driver for our understanding of the biological behavior of the population. The Systems Biology of Cell State Regulation and Single Cell Analysis Section is actively soliciting manuscripts on the topic of single cell analysis. We anticipate that the papers in this theme will be investigating the properties of individual cells, and may involve the use of any systems biology approach including DNA sequencing, genome-wide transcriptome analysis, real-time PCR, epigenetic analysis or metabolomics analysis. Manuscripts will be accepted until May 31, 2018. Please direct all enquiries regarding this Call for Papers to Prof. Bina Joe, PhD. (