Molecular and Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Pediatric Heart Failure

Guest Editors Carmen C. Sucharov, Shelley D. Miyamoto, and Brian L. Stauffer, along with the editorial team of AJP-Heart and Circulatory Physiology, invite submission of original research and short reviews on molecular and pathophysiologic mechanisms of cardiac dysfunction in the developing and post-natal pediatric heart.

Heart failure in children remains poorly understood with most clinical treatment paradigms extrapolated solely from experience in adults. Emerging experimental evidence and epidemiologic data suggest that the pediatric heart failure population is distinctly different from adult patients. Importantly, while there has been marked improvement in adult heart failure outcomes secondary to advances in diagnostic and therapeutic options, there has been limited improvement in transplant-free survival for children with heart failure over the past 3 decades.

A limitation to improvement in treatment and outcomes is the assumption that molecular and pathophysiologic mechanisms involved in heart failure in children are similar to the well-characterized mechanisms in the adult heart failure population. Recent work has shown unique age-dependent molecular mechanisms of heart failure in children. The editors encourage authors to submit focused studies on the mechanisms involved in the pathophysiology of cardiac dysfunction in the developing and post-natal pediatric hearts. The editors welcome submissions investigating the processes involved in heart disease in children and identifying new therapeutic targets specific for the pediatric population.

The editors encourage authors to submit manuscripts that focus on basic molecular and pathophysiologic mechanisms that contribute to pediatric heart failure. In addition, the editors welcome manuscripts using animal and cell culture models to understand cardiac development and heart disease in children. The editors seek papers focused on the molecular mechanisms involved in cardiac dysfunction in the developing heart.

We will consider both original research articles and review articles. For review articles only, authors should email the editorial office ( a pre-submission inquiry including a working title, author and affiliation lists, abstract, and brief outline of the content for approval by the editors.

All manuscripts should be submitted online at During the online submission process, under the "Keywords & Special Sections" tab, please use the "Category" drop-down menu and select “Call for Papers: Molecular and Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Pediatric Heart Failure."

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Manuscripts can be submitted anytime, but to be eligible for inclusion in this Call for Papers, manuscripts must be submitted by June 30, 2019. If you have any questions please contact Kara Hansell Keehan, Executive Editor, via email at