Modularity and Compositionality in Motor Control: Acknowledging Emilio Bizzi

Call opens: July 1, 2018

Emilio Bizzi's career at MIT has had an enormous impact on the field of motor control. Recently, Emilio's research has focused on investigating modular organization of motor control architecture and compositionality in the coordination of complex actions. Journal of Neurophysiology is partnering with the organizers of a workshop that occurred on May 5, 2018 to discuss these topics and to acknowledge Emilio Bizzi's role in exploring these ideas. This call is for manuscripts (including reviews) related to discussion at the workshop as well as recent developments in research on modularity and compositionality in motor control.

All manuscripts should be submitted online via eJournalPress. During the online submission process, under the “Keywords & Special Sections” tab, please use the “Category” drop-down menu and select “Call for Papers: Modularity and Compositionality in Motor Control: Acknowledging Emilio Bizzi.”

Manuscripts will undergo normal peer review as they are received. Note that all review manuscripts must be commissioned by the editor prior to submission. Accepted manuscripts will be published online as they are accepted. Articles published from this Call for Papers will be highlighted at the time of publication.

Manuscripts can be submitted anytime, but to be eligible for inclusion in this Call for Papers, manuscripts must be submitted by June 30, 2019.