Microbiome in Kidney and Bladder diseases

The American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology is seeking manuscripts to be submitted relating to studies of the microbiome and dysbiosis in the urinary tract and kidney. Two major themes arise. First, there is mounting evidence of bidirectional relationships between our gut microbiome and overall kidney health or disease. Second, sites within the urinary tract that were once considered sterile, including the bladder, are now known to have bacterial populations present and may be important in homeostasis as well as in contributing to lower urinary tract symptoms. All aspects of these major emerging areas are encouraged for submission.

Authors should indicate in their letter to the editor and in the online submission form under “Manuscript Type” that the submitted manuscript is in response to a Special Call for Papers. Accepted manuscripts will be published under a distinct heading and will receive special attention and handling. Only those papers not requiring extensive revision will be published under this call. If you currently have a manuscript on this topic that has already been submitted and would like it to be included in this Special Call, please contact Dr. Darwin Bell, Editor-in-Chief via e-mail at amcever@emory.edu.

Deadline December 31, 2017