Immunometabolic Cross-Talk and Regulation of Endocrine and Metabolic Functions

Inter-tissue communication is essential for maintaining homeostasis in the body. With the advent of new discovery-based platform technologies, the last decade has heralded a new era of scientific discovery in the area of tissue 'cross-talk'. This is especially true for immune factors derived from the gut and adipose tissue that have been shown to trigger inflammation in other key metabolic organs, but also to participate in complex cell to cell communications within tissues, all of which greatly impacting endocrine and metabolic functions, and which is generally referred to as “ immunometabolic cross-talk ”.

This special call for papers is designed to showcase the breadth of basic science findings in the fields of metabolic / endocrine communication. The editors hope investigators can combine the use of discovery-based platforms and outstanding biological research to provide advances in our understanding of inter-tissue and cell to cell communications in endocrine and metabolic regulation. We will consider both original research articles and review articles. For review articles only, authors should email the editorial office ( with a pre-submission inquiry including a working title, author and affiliation list, abstract and brief outline of the content for approval by the editors.

Deadline for Submission: February 28, 2019