Browning and Beiging of Adipose Tissue : Its Role in the Regulation of Energy Homeostasis and as a Potential Target for Alleviating Metabolic Diseases

Obesity is characterized by an adipose tissue expansion together with altered energy metabolism. Growing evidence suggest that the thermogenic programme such as the so called browning/beiging processes in the white adipose tissue may be a future therapeutic target. However, the regulation of browning and beiging of adipose tissue is not fully deciphered and require further studies. Moreover, recent data strongly suggest that that initial findings observed in mice can also be reproduced in humans, thus suggesting that promoting the development of brown/beige fat may be a potential therapeutic strategy to combat obesity and its related disorders.

The editors of AJP-Endocrinology and Metabolism encourage submissions of novel data on the molecular mechanisms of browning/beiging of adipose tissue as well as studies explaining how the regulation of these processes may be of interest for tackling metabolic disorders. We will consider both original research articles and review articles. For review articles only, authors should email the editorial office ( with a pre-submission inquiry including a working title, author and affiliation list, abstract and brief outline of the content for approval by the editors.  

Deadline for Submission: February 28, 2019