How to Propose Featured Topics & Symposia

Programming for the EB meeting is entirely in the hands of the sections.  It is our responsibility to ensure that we have high quality programming. This is your opportunity to organize a great program around your primary research interest.  NCAR will likely program 3-4 Featured Topic sessions and one Symposium for each EB meeting.


Other than symposia, Featured Topic (FT) sessions will be the ONLY venue at the Experimental Biology (EB) meeting for oral presentation of research data.  FT sessions will replace slide sessions to provide a mechanism for more thematically related oral presentations.  Research presentations will be selected for FT’s from abstracts submitted for the EB meeting.  Although many FT’s will be comprised of standard 10 min talks, the format of the session is quite flexible.  For example, presentations could be 20 min instead of 10 min, or, an introductory 30 min overview lecture followed by several 10 min talks, or, perhaps a summary of  the field and future directions at the end. The only information required to propose a FT is 1) a title for the session, 2) a 1-3 sentence abstract, and 3) a list of 1-3 "anchor" speakers who would be appropriate for the session.

If  your FT is selected for support by the NCAR steering committee, the information you provide will be published in the “Call for Abstracts” booklet for the EB meeting and a programming number will be assigned to your FT so that other investigators can designate their abstract for presentation in your FT.  All abstracts selected for inclusion in the FT will also be programmed into separate poster sessions.

Successful FT’s will require some work by the chairperson and anchor speakers.  Specifically, they should contact colleagues in their research area, inform them of the FT, and encourage them to submit abstracts to the EB meeting for possible inclusion in the FT. This is called “seeding the session”.  Organizers of  successful FT’s  generally have confirmed anchor speakers and at least some verbal assurance from 4-6 investigators (including the organizer and anchor speakers) that they intend to submit an abstract that would be appropriate for the proposed FT.   What DOESN’T work, is to propose a topic, a couple of unconfirmed anchor speakers, and then wait to see who submits abstracts.  Some limited funds ($500-$1000) are available to support each FT.  These funds are typically used for partial support of meeting related expenses (e.g. registration fee reimbursement) for the organizer, junior investigators, anchor speakers, etc.


Symposia are a "bigger deal" than are Featured  Topics.  Accordingly, more information, including the complete program for the symposium is required. This information should include: 1) Symposium title, 2) Organizer(s)/Chairperson(s), 3) Abstract of symposium, 4) Length of symposium (not to exceed 2 hr), 5) Most recent symposium or conference where this topic was discussed, 6) List of  participants including:  a) current position and description of expertise of each participant, b) whether participation of speakers has been confirmed, c) title of their presentation d) length of presentation, e) length of discussion afterwards, 7) APS sections other than NCAR that might be interested in co-sponsoring the proposed symposium.  APS and NCAR support the inclusion of women, minorities and younger investigators in symposium and featured topic proposals.  $4000 will be available from APS to support each symposium.   

NCAR symposia and featured topic proposal forms are listed below in the "Resources" section of this webpage.  Please note that the section deadline for proposals is April 5th.

How to Propose NCAR Featured Topics & Symposia

EB14 NCAR Featured Topic Form

EB14 NCAR Featured Topic Form - Deadline April 5th

EB14 NCAR Symposium Form

EB14 NCAR Symposium Form - Deadline April 5th