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Peripheral and central SFs respond spatially similarly to MRLC kinase inhibitionPeripheral and central SFs respond spatially similarly to MRLC kinase inhibitionAn inducible knockout of Dicer in adult mice does not affect endurance exercise-induced muscle adaptation

The Cell and Molecular Physiology Section provides an organizational framework to promote and enhance excellence in the use of cellular and molecular approaches to physiological research. We encourage all our members to share their novel discoveries through Cell Section sponsored Featured Topics and Poster sessions at the annual Experimental Biology meeting and consider publishing their research in the American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology. We recognize section trainee achievements with an active awards program from undergraduate to early investigator levels. The Cell Section steering committee (see link below) has two representatives on the APS Joint Program Committee that actively participate in the organization and programming of the Experimental Biology meeting. We also have two representatives on the Trainee Advisory Committee that organize several events at the Experimental Biology meeting to foster interaction between trainees and established investigators. Please contact our Committee on Committees representative, Dr. Debbie Baines for more information if you are interested in serving as a Cell Section representative on an APS committee.

Message from the Section Chair:


The deadline for EB2019 abstract submissions is November 14th! I want to encourage everyone to submit their research and attend the meeting in Orlando, FL next April 6th-9th, 2019. Our fall newsletter was posted on APS Connect last week (thank you Dr. Kirk Hamilton and Ann Marie Bocus). Please take a few minutes and check out what is happening in our Section. You should also have received two surveys from the APS office. The first is a ratification vote on our SOP amendments. Your Steering Committee worked hard: (1) updating membership details; (2) steering committee members, terms of service, and responsibilities; (3) amending election protocols; and (4) clarifying the language for trainee awards. The second is a vote for new steering committee members. After EB2019, four committee members (including myself) will exit and four new members will start their 3-year tenure. Please review both surveys and submit your votes.

If you are attending EB2019, I want to make you aware of the Cell Section Trainee travel awards we give out every year to offset costs associated with attending the meeting. Our Section awards: 1 New Investigator Award; 5 Postdoctoral Research Recognition Awards; and 6 Robert Gunn Student Awards. Please click on the “Quick Link” above for more information. If you have not attended a Cell Section Awards dinner at EB lately, it has become a fantastic opportunity for trainees to network with established investigators. Through the efforts of our Trainee Representatives, Vice-Chair, and myself, this dinner has really become a meeting “go-to” event for great food, good conversation, and lots of fun. I hope to see you at Itta Bena Restaurant on Monday, April 8th, 2019. Please click the “CaMPs Banquet” link under the “In this section” banner to purchase your tickets early!

I am also proud to announce that our Trainee Endowment Fund has just surpassed $20,000, a 44-fold increase since I became Section Chair in 2016. I want to thank all section members who have already donated to the fund. We have more than 1,500 primary affiliated members in the Cell Section. If everyone donated just an extra $10 when renewing their APS annual membership, we could raise more than $15,000 for our Trainee Endowment Fund, which would be matched by APS Council increasing our fund balance from to more than $50,000. If you can afford to donate, please help us provide more financial support for our trainees.


Kenneth Gagnon, Ph.D.
Chair – Cell and Molecular Physiology Section

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Cell and Molecular Physiology Section Trainee Endowment Fund

The Cell and Molecular Physiology Section (Cell Section) has established an endowment fund to subsidize Cell Section dinner tickets for trainees and provide travel grants for trainees to present their research at national and international scientific meetings.

Guidelines for Writing Successful Symposia & Featured Topic Proposals for EB

Cell & Molecular Physiology (CaMPS) Section Guidelines for Writing Successful Symposia & Featured Topic Proposals for EB

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Cell & Molecular Physiology Section Statement of Organization & Procedures (SOP)

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Cell & Molecular Physiology Section Steering Committee

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