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AMPK-KLF2 signaling pathway mediates the proangiogenic effect of erythropoietin in endothelial colony forming cellsDifferential localisation and anabolic responsiveness of mTOR complexes in human skeletal muscle in response to feeding and exerciseMiR-15b Negatively Correlates with Lipid Metabolism in Mammary Epithelial CellsReview on “The secret life of ion channels: Kv1.3 potassium channels and cell proliferationPossible roles for ATP release from RBCs exclude the cAMP-mediated Panx1 pathwayMuscle Paralysis Induces Bone Marrow Inflammation and Predisposition to Formation of Giant Osteoclasts

The Cell and Molecular Physiology Section provides an organizational framework to promote and enhance excellence in the use of cellular and molecular approaches to physiological research. We encourage all our members to share their novel discoveries through Cell Section sponsored Featured Topics and Poster sessions at the annual Experimental Biology meeting and consider publishing their research in the American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology. We recognize section trainee achievements with an active awards program from undergraduate to early investigator levels. The Cell Section steering committee (see link below) has two representatives on the APS Joint Program Committee that actively participate in the organization and programming of the Experimental Biology meeting. We also have two representatives on the Trainee Advisory Committee that organize several events at the Experimental Biology meeting to foster interaction between trainees and established investigators. Please contact our Committee on Committees representative, Dr. Debbie Baines for more information if you are interested in serving as a Cell Section representative on an APS committee.

Message from the Section Chair:


I had to check my calendar twice to confirm that my first year as your section chair is already behind me. I chose to make fully funding the Trainee Endowment Fund as the primary goal of my term as Chair, so I want to thank everyone who donated to our Trainee Endowment Fund in 2016. We raised $3,902.00 that was matched by APS Council to increase our Trainee Endowment Fund to just shy of $8,500.00. Last fall, APS council agreed to increase their match from $25,000 to $50,000, so we still need your help to reach this new goal!

 In our first “dollar-for-dollar matching donation” campaign, 5 APS regular members (this includes me) with more than 15 years of primary affiliation to the Cell Section pledged $500 each to match new donations made in 2017. During our annual Awards dinner at EB 2017, we enticed 14 section members to donate a total of $1,537.11. Once this amount is combined with the $2,500 from our 5 sustaining members and then matched by APS Council, we will have added $8,075 to our endowment.

Due to the success of this campaign, as your Section Chair, I want this momentum to continue so I will be contacting more members with long-time affiliation with the section to start a second “dollar-for-dollar matching funds” campaign this summer. I hope to entice even more long-time section members to agree to participate and thus exponentially increase the value of everyone’s donation.

If you ever considered donating to the Trainee Endowment Fund in the past but felt “my $20.00 donation won't make any difference!", then this is the time to donate. A $20.00 donation could be multiplied 10-20 fold and become $200.00 - $400.00 to the endowment fund.

If you want to become a sustaining member of the "matching funds challenge", please contact me (kenneth.gagnon@louisville.edu). Finally, I also want everyone to know that donations of $30.00 or more will receive "Thank you gifts" from the Cell Section Steering Committee and tax-deductible receipts from APS. See American Physiological Society > Cell and Molecular Physiology Section Trainee Endowment Fund) for more information.

Kenneth Gagnon, Ph.D.
Chair – Cell and Molecular Physiology Section


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Cell and Molecular Physiology Section Trainee Endowment Fund

The Cell and Molecular Physiology Section (Cell Section) has established an endowment fund to subsidize Cell Section dinner tickets for trainees and provide travel grants for trainees to present their research at national and international scientific meetings.

Guidelines for Writing Successful Symposia & Featured Topic Proposals for EB

Cell & Molecular Physiology (CaMPS) Section Guidelines for Writing Successful Symposia & Featured Topic Proposals for EB

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Cell & Molecular Physiology Section Statement of Organization & Procedures (SOP)

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