Special Awards Edition APS News Update - September 15, 2017
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Issue: september 15, 2017
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APS Accepting Officer Nominations for 2018

APS is now accepting nominations for the offices of president-elect and councilor. Complete the survey to submit your nominations. The final slate of candidates will be selected by the Nominating Committee and will be presented to the membership early next year for voting. The new officers will begin their terms at the close of the Experimental Biology (EB) 2018 meeting.

Nominations deadline: September 22, 2017

Last Chance to Submit Your Event Planner for PhUn Week!

PhUn Week

APS’ annual November outreach program, Physiology Understanding (PhUn) Week, is approaching (November 6–10, 2017). Help us spread the word and encourage your colleagues to join in the PhUn to reach out to more than 14,000 pre-college students this year. Are you ready to plan a classroom event or visit during PhUn Week? Deadline for submitting your event planner is October 1, 2017. Visit the PhUn Week webpage or email us if you have any questions or concerns. More details and additional resources are available on the webpage.

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Comprehensive Physioloy
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APS hands out more than $1 million in the field of physiology each year as part of our mission to advance scientific discovery, understand life and improve health. Deadlines are fast approaching for a number of our awards. This special “Awards Edition” of the News Update lists all upcoming award deadlines through the end of 2017. In addition to the dollar amounts listed below, many awards include complimentary registration to EB and/or other scientific meetings, professional development activities and more. Follow the links to learn more and apply. For more information on these and other APS Awards, visit the website or email us.

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Section Awards (Various Deadlines)
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