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Researchers Convene to Explore Role of Inflammation, Immune Response in Cardiovascular Disease

Westminster, Colo. (August 22, 2016)—Unveiling the causes of and contributors to cardiovascular disease (CVD)—the No. 1 killer of people in the U.S.—is high priority for scientists, clinicians and public health professionals. More and more research points to the involvement of inflammation and the immune system on the development of CVD. Cardiovascular physiologists and immunologists will meet to explore how these mechanisms interact at the Inflammation, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease conference in Westminster, Colo., on Aug. 24–27, 2016.

“In the last 10 years or so, it’s become apparent that immune cells and inflammatory cells contribute to a variety of different cardiovascular diseases,” said conference organizer David Harrison, PhD, of Vanderbilt University in Nashville. “Most physiologists and researchers didn’t learn a lot of immunology or a lot of the concepts have evolved since most of us went through our training.”

The conference will offer cardiovascular scientists basic instruction in the biology of the immune system and inflammation along with an essential update on cutting-edge research into how these systems influence cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology. “Our hope is that the conference will also allow researchers from different research backgrounds to forge connections that can lead to breakthroughs in cardiovascular science,” Harrison added.

Conference papers will be published in the American Journal of Physiology–Heart and Circulatory Physiology.

Program Highlights

Wednesday, August 24

Plenary 1:        The Endothelium and Vascular Immunity
Speaker:         Jordan Pober, Yale University 

Thursday, August 25

Symposia I:     Basic Aspects of Innate Immune Cells 
Chairs:             Cornelia Weyand, Stanford University and Tomasz Guzik, University of Glasgow, UK 

Symposia II:    Basic Aspects of T Cells 
Chair:              Jorg Goronzy, Stanford University

Symposia III:   Basic Aspects of B Cells 
Chair:              Amy Major, Vanderbilt University

Symposia IV: Basic Aspects of Vascular Cells with Immune Function 
Chair:              Meena Madhur, Vanderbilt University

Friday, August 26

Symposia V:   CV Disease in Inflammatory and Autoimmune Disease 
Chair:              Mike Ryan, University of Mississippi Medical Center 

Symposia VI:  Inflammation and Hypertension during Pregnancy and Gender Differences
Chair:              Kathryn Sandberg, Georgetown University 

Saturday,, August 27

Symposia VII: Inflammation, Immunity, Intestinal Flora and the Metabolic Syndrome 
Chair:              Sean Davies, Vanderbilt University

Symposia VIII: Inflammation, Hypertension, and End-Organ Damage 
Chairs:             David Mattson, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and Jens Titze, Vanderbilt University

Symposia IX:  Inflammation and Atherosclerosis 
Chair:              Elena Galkina, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk 

NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: The Inflammation, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease conference will be held in Westminster, Colo., from August 24 through 27, 2016. To schedule an interview with the conference organizers or presenters, contact the APS Communications Office or 301-634-7209. Find more research highlights in the APS Press Room.

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