Translational Physiology Interest Group
Several years ago, APS established the Translational Physiology Interest Group in order to facilitate the membership's interest in translational research.   As part of that effort, the Society also included at least one translational physiology symposium on the EB program.  As the importance of translational physiology/research has grown, it has became apparent that there is a need to develop a more formal structure for the Translational Physiology Interest Group. In late 2010 a steering committee was formed for the purpose of advancing the objectives of the Translational Physiology Group (TPG).

To become a member of the TPG, please log into the APS member-only site, add the TPG to your section/group affiliation, and subscribe to the group Listserv.  You do not have to change your affiliation with any other sections or groups.
Resources for the Translational Physiology Group

Steering Committee

Translational Physiology Interest Group Steering Committee