Muscle Biology Interest Group
Organized in 1985, the goals of the Muscle Biology Group (MBG) are to:
(a) plan symposia and workshops dealing with various aspects of muscle contraction that will attract investigators from various disciplines (biophysics, chemistry, pharmacology) and
(b) breakaway from the orthodox organ system orientation.  

To become a member of the MBG:  Please log into the APS member-only site, add the MBG to your section/group affiliation, and subscribe to the MBG Listserv.  You do not have to change your affiliation with any other sections or groups. 

Announcement: Suggestions for Symposia and Featured Topics are Needed for EB

During the next EB meeting, the Programming Advisory Committee of the Muscle Biology Group will meet to select the one symposium and two featured topics that we are responsible for programming for next EB.  I would encourage you to consider coordinating either a Symposium or Featured Topic.  The APS makes available $4,000 to finance each Symposium and $2,000 for each Featured Topic.  Please send your topic and potential speaker ideas to me at as soon as possible.  I will be happy to work with you to develop your ideas into a session.
Once you have decided on a topic and have selected your speakers, the appropriate forms for formal submission of a proposed session are found at:

Symposium or Featured Topic

Thank you,
Thomas M. Nosek, Ph.D.
Chair, Muscle Biology Group

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