Epithelial Transport Interest Group

It is the policy of the Council to help specialty groups in organizing symposia and sessions of contributed papers. A group may be organized upon request by members of the Society interested in focusing attention on a specified sub-discipline of physiology. Once organized, the group may have representation on the Program Advisory Committee to recommend symposia for the scientific meetings, to select chairpersons for sessions of contributed papers, etc.

Diagram courtesy of Janet Klein
Diagram Courtesy of Janet Klein

 Special interest groups may request Council to appoint a task force to consider organizing the group into a permanent section.  The Epithelial Transport Group (ETG) has a representative on the Program Advisory Committee to plan symposia and conduct an annual business meeting for the election of steering committee members.

Call for Nominees:  
The role of the ETG steering committee is to organize Symposia and Featured Topics for the annual Experimental Biology Meeting. The members of the steering committee are also responsible for selecting the Ussing and Hebert Lecturers as well as to select the top abstracts for presentation at the Featured Topic Sessions. Please contact Moshe Levi moshe.levi@ucdenver.edu or Núria Pastor-Soler pastorn@pitt.edu with your nominees.

To become a member of the ETG, please log into the APS member-only site, add the ETG to your section/group affiliation, and subscribe to the Listserv.  You do not have to change your affiliation with any other sections or groups.

Resources for Epithelial Transport Interest Group

Steering Committee

Epithelial Transport Interest Group Steering Committee

Ussing Lecture Awardees

Under the leadership of Moshe Levi, the ETG instituted the Ussing Lecture in 2008 to recognize scientists who have made fundamental contributions to our understanding of epithelia transport and diseases of epithelial transport.

Hebert Lecture Awardees

Past Hebert Lecture Awardees