The 1887 Legacy Circle


APS honors those making major or planned gifts with membership in the 1887 Legacy Circle.

As an 1887 Legacy Circle member, you will receive a commemorative plaque and we will recognize your gift publicly, unless you wish your gift to remain anonymous.

Please notify us if you have already arranged a gift through your will (bequest) or other planned gift for the Society as we would like to provide recognition of your intended support.

If you are interested in learning more about bequests, please see our webpage on leaving a legacy.

1887 Legacy Circle Members

Susan M. Barman
Charles W.* and Beverly P.* Bishop
Giles F. Filley* and family
John E.* and Carol Greenleaf
G. Edgar* and Mary* Folk
Martin and Cheryl L. Frank
Barbara A. Horwitz and John M. Horowitz
Harriette Kaley and her son, David Jason Kaley
Lawrence D.* and Betty J. Longo
Virendra B. Mahesh
Muriel Mandel
Malcolm D. Perkins* and Mrs. John F. Perkins Jr.*
Jane F. Reckelhoff
Charles J. Rife*
Bodil M. Schmidt-Nielsen*
A. P. (Pete) and Melissa Shepherd
Marion J. Siegman
Curt R. Strand
Caroline tum Suden*
Mamie Kwoh Wang*