Support APS Sections and Groups

Support APS Sections and Groups

Sections are APS Council-approved groups composed of at least 100 Regular Society members who share a common research interest in the field of physiology.

General Section and Group Funds support section and group activities such as banquets, socials, trainee events, special lectures, and travel awards.

Endowment Funds - The APS has agreed to match up to $50,000 in contributed funds.

For more information on individual sections, please visit our page on APS Sections.

Cardiovascular Section

CV Section General Fund
CV Section Endowment Fund

Cell and Molecular Physiology Section

CaMPS General Fund
CaMPS Endowment Fund

Central Nervous System Section

CNS Section General Fund
CNS Section Endowment Fund
Van Harreveld Memorial Fund

Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology Section

CEPS General Fund

Endocrine and Metabolism Section

EMS General Fund
Virendra B. Mahesh Award Fund

Environmental and Exercise Physiology Section

EEP Section General Fund

Epithelial Transport Group

ETG General Fund

Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology Section

GIL Section General Fund
GIL Section Endowment Fund

Neural Control and Autonomic Regulation Section

NCAR MJ Brody Endowment Fund 

Physiological Genomics Group

PGG General Fund

Renal Section

Renal Section General Fund
Renal Section Endowment Fund

Respiration Section

Control of Breathing Mixer Fund 
Respiration Section General Fund

Respiration Section Trainee Highlights Endowment Fund

Teaching of Physiology Section

Teaching Section General Fund
Teaching Section William Galey Endowment Fund

Water and Electrolyte Homeostasis Section

WEH Section General Fund
WEH Leonard Share Endowment Fund
Juan Carlos Romero Memorial Fund