Mission:  The mission of the Iowa Physiological Society (IPS) is to unite physiologists in enhancing, networking and advancing physiology throughout the State of Iowa. This is at the molecular, cellular, organ and organismal levels. Both basic and applied research as well as teaching are included.

Established:  IPS was founded October 7, 1995 and was incorporated as a nonprofit, Iowa corporation on March 15, 1996. It is associated with the American Physiological Society (APS) as the Iowa Chapter of APS, and holds it meetings with the Physiology Section of Iowa Academy of Science (IAS, usually meeting on the last Friday and Saturday of April). Currently, the IPS President and President-Elect are respectively Chair and Vice-Chair of the IAS Physiology Section.

To Join:  Please click on “Membership Application Form” listed below, complete and submit.  For further information please contact a chapter officer using the link below. 

21st Annual Iowa Physiological Society Meeting on Saturday, October 29, 2016 at Des Moines University.
An exciting program is in place this year! A new student presentation format will be implemented that is fast-paced and allows for more oral presentation opportunities.
We will have group activities in teaching and career development led by individuals with very striking and unique experiences and perspectives. 
To view the agenda, learn more about our outstanding  speakers, and register for the meeting, please visit the website or call 515-271-1596.


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21st Annual Iowa Physiological Society Meeting - October 29, 2016

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