Award Recipients

4th Annual Arizona Physiological Society Meeting - 2011

Postdoc Fellow Outstanding Abstract Awardees:
Andrea N. Flynn and Carlos G. Hidalgo

Graduate Student Outstanding Abstract Awardees:
Nathaniel Hart and Mujalin Prasannarong
Undergraduate Student Outstanding Abstract Awardees:
Renee D. Fuqua and Fernando R. Santos

3rd Annual Arizona Physiological Society Meeting - 2010

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Award Winners 



(L-R) Stoyan Angelov (UA), Cara Sherwood (UA), Krysta Powers (NAU), John Kanady (UA), Sarah Kuzmiak (ASU), Mateja Lekic (ASU), Lauren Biwer (UA-PHX), Devin O’Connor (UA-PHX).  

Dr. Richard Coast, presented the awards for the Graduate Student Oral Presentations and Dr. Ralph Fregosi presented the awards for the Graduate Student Poster Presentation and the Undergraduate Poster Presentation Awards.  


Oral Presentations: Graduate Students

  • First Prize: Jennifer Fang, UA - Connexin40-deficient mice reveal angiotensin II-dependent and –independent mechanisms of post-ischemic tissue survival and recovery.
  • Second Prize: John Kanady, UA - Early lymphatic developmental consequences in mice lacking connexin 37 and connexin 43.
  • Third Prize: Sarah Kuzmiak, ASU - Pyruvate sparing by fatty acid and glutamate in sparrow skeletal mus-cle mitochondria.


Poster Presentations: Graduate Students

  • First Prize: Stoyan Angelov, UA - Role of Cx43 and its MAPK target sites in mesenchymal cell differen-tiation.
  • Second Prize: Cara Sherwood, UA - Arsenic alters barrier properties in human airway epithelial cells.
  • Third Prize: Krysta Powers, NAU - The relative contributions of titin and collagen to passive tension in the whole mouse soleus muscle.


Poster Presentations: Undergraduate Students

  • First Prize: Devin O’Connor, UA - PHX Endotoxin– or hypoxic– induced TLR4 expression is blunted by dihy-drotestoosterone in primary human vascular smooth muscle cells.
  • Second Prize: Lauren Biwer, UA - PHX Transient ace inhibitor treatment in SHR confers protection against L-name induced diastolic dysfunction.
  • Third Prize: Mateja Lekic, ASU - Characteristics of Ach-mediated vasodilation in tibialis and mesenteric arteries isolated from mourning doves.


ASU = Arizona State University
MU = Midwestern University
NAU = Northern Arizona University
UA = University of Arizona
UA-PHX = University of Arizona at Phoenix

  • 1st place winners received $100.00
  • 2nd place winners received  $50.00
  • 3rd place winners received  $25.00

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