Women in Physiology Committee

This Committee is composed of four or more members of the Society, including a student member. The Society's Director of Education Programs and a member of the Careers Opportunities in Physiology Committee are ex officio members of the Committee, without vote.

Duties of the Women in Physiology Committee are to: 

  • Administer a Mentoring Program for junior physiologists.

  • Administer the Bodil-Schmidt-Nielsen Distinguished Mentor and Scientist Award in accordance with criteria established by the Women in Physiology Committee and approved by Council.

  • Administer the Caroline tum Suden/Frances Hellebrandt Professional Opportunity Awards in accordance with procedures established by Council.

  • Deal with all issues pertaining to the education, employment and professional opportunities available to junior physiologists. Bring relevant matters to the attention of Council and act on Council recommendations.

  • Promote the discipline of physiology as a rewarding career to junior scientists and encourage their active membership in the Society.

  • Coordinate activities with other such committees on women within the FASEB organization and those of other scientific societies that meet intermittently with the Society.

  • Submit reports of APS and FASEB activities for publication in The Physiologist.

  • Nominate women APS members for the annual FASEB Excellence in Science Award.

  • Chair serves as APS representative on FASEB's Excellence in Science Award Committee.