Trainee Symposia

The Trainee Symposia are organized by the Trainee Advisory Committee and cover issues relevant to today’s trainees at all stages of their career (graduate, postdoctoral, early career).

Below are links to the Trainee Symposia from each year's Experimental Biology meeting.


2018 Trainee Symposium: How to Achieve Rigorously Reproducible Research

Critical points and considerations on topics that trainees and established scientists can immediately apply in their current research to increase the rigor and reproducibility of their experiments.

2017 Trainee Symposium: Kick Start your funding: Looking beyond NIH and NSF

In recognition of the funding crisis as well as the increasingly competitive job market for trainees and early career investigators, the goal of this symposium is to provide information on funding sources outside of the NIH and NSF.

2016 Trainee Symposium: Now Hiring Ph.D.'s: Post Doc Not Required

Information for trainees on various career options that do not require a postdoc, how to get experience and skills needed for those careers, and creative ways that graduate programs prepare trainees for diverse careers.

2015 Trainee Symposium: Scientists as Supervisors: Hiring, Firing, and Beyond

Issues in supervision and management are addressed and attention is brought to the critical importance of implementing this training in current trainee programs across the country.

2014 Trainee Symposium: The Other Side of the Submit Button: The Ins and Outs of the Manuscript Review Process

Information on how to become a reviewer, what are the responsibilities of a reviewer and what is included in a review.

2013 Trainee Symposium: Translational Research: From Bench to Bedside

Session outlining the career trajectories of several individuals who have chosen a career in translational research.

2012 Trainee Symposium: E-Media Tools for the Professional Scientist

Session to highlight new technologies for the professional physiologist.

2011 Trainee Symposium: The Individual Development Plan - Plotting a Career Trajectory

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) provide a planning process that helps identify both career objectives and professional development needs.

2010 Trainee Symposium: Publish, Not Perish: How to Survive the Peer Review Process

Session on peer review process to maximize the success of publishing in scientific journals.

2009 Trainee Symposium: Mentoring Strategies: Beyond the Bench

Laboratory management skills are a necessary, but often neglected, component of trainee education.

2008 Trainee Symposium: Marketing Yourself on Paper for Academic Positions

Session examining the different components of the application packet for academic faculty positions.

2007 Trainee Symposium: Multiple Career Paths for a Physiologist

Session examining different career paths, including both ‘academic’ and ‘industry’ positions.

2006 Trainee Symposium: Transition from Postdoc to Jr. Faculty

The transition from a postdoc to a Jr. faculty position may be the most critical stage for trainees.