Trainee Advisory Committee

The Trainee Advisory Committee shall be composed of one regular or student member selected by each Section of the Society plus a chairperson. Each member shall serve a term of three years, with terms starting in January; consecutive terms are prohibited from the same section, and extension of terms in discouraged. The chair will be appointed by Council from self-nominated candidates; preferred candidates are current TAC members and persons who have served on the TAC within the previous three years. The Society's Director of Education Programs is an ex officio member of the Committee, without vote.

Duties of the Trainee Advisory Committee are to:

  • Hold regular meetings including at the spring meeting of the Society, at the APS headquarter each fall and via conference call as needed during the year.

  • Investigate the needs of trainees, both pre-doctoral and post-doctoral, to determine how the Society can provide necessary support and assistance.

  • Coordinate activities with other APS committees to enhance the status and respond to the needs of trainees at all levels (pre-college, undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, and junior faculty).

  • Organize an annual symposium or workshop at EB designed to assist trainees in their development of independent careers.

  • Publish an email newsletter for trainees, manage and maintain a we site for trainees on the APS web site, and create and manage other online networking tools (e.g., Facebook) for communicating with trainee members.

  • Bring relevant matters to the attention of Council and act on Council recommendations.

  • Encourage the active membership of trainees in the Society

  • Welcome each new trainee member on behalf of the Society, the Section, and the TAC and provide information on Society and Section benefits and activities for trainees.