Science Policy Committee

This Committee is composed of eight or more regular members of the Society and one trainee member. The Chairs-of the Animal Care and Experimentation (ACE), the APS Representative to the FASEB Board, a member of Council and the Society’s Director of Government Relations and Science Policy are ex-officio members, without vote. The Chair of the Science Policy Committee serves a four year term, followed by two years of service as past-chair. The Chair is an ex-officio member of Council, without vote.

Duties of the Science Policy Committee are to:

  • Monitor and report to the Council and the Society membership on public affairs issues of concern to physiologists, including biomedical research funding, agency policies, and research ethics.

  • Develop and execute plans of action to address public affairs issues that may impact physiologists.

  • Coordinate science policy interests and activities with the APS Sections.

  • Carry out other projects delegated by the Council.

  • Organize symposia on public affairs topics at the Experimental Biology meeting.

  • Coordinate activities with the FASEB Science Policy Committee (SPC). The Science Policy Chair shall serve as the APS representative to the FASEB SPC starting in the third year of the Chair’s term, and continue to serve during the two year term as past Chair.

  • Coordinate activities with the APS ACE and Communications Committees. The Science Policy Chair shall serve as an ex officio, non-voting member of both committees.

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