Section Advisory Committee

The Society's Bylaws specify:

ARTICLE V. Section 6. Section Advisory Committee

A Section Advisory Committee shall be composed of one regular member elected by each Section of the Society. Each member shall serve a term of three years; consecutive terms are prohibited. The Committee shall elect a chairperson to serve a three-year term. The chairperson shall serve on Council as an ex officio member, with vote.

 The duties of the Section Advisory Committee are to:

  • Elect a chairperson, who is a member of the committee or has served on the committee within the past three years. (If a current committee member is elected, then a new section representative will be appointed.)
  • Meet annually at the spring meeting of the Society and as the Nominating Committee in December.
  • Review the Statements of Organization and Procedures of Sections and make recommendations to Council.

  • Assist the Joint Program Committee in the organization of scientific meetings.

  • Make recommendations to Council regarding the strengthening of the Sections' role in programs, publication, public affairs, and governance of the Society.

  • Review Section budgets periodically.

  • Meet with Council in joint session during the annual meeting.

  • Serve as the Society’s Long-Range Planning Committee, providing guidance and direction for the future well-being of the Society and for orderly growth and change in the programs and activities of the Society.