Publications Committee
The Society's Bylaws specify that

ARTICLE V. Section 1. Publications Committee
A Publications Committee...shall be responsible for the management of all of the publications of the Society....

This Committee is composed of six regular members of the Society who have served as editors or associate editors of scientific journals. Members may not serve more than two consecutive 3-year terms. The President, Executive Director, and Director of Publications are ex officio members of the Committee, without vote. The President may appoint a designee to represent him/her at meetings of the Committee. The Chairperson is an ex officio member of Council, without vote. The Chairperson or a designee of this Committee serves on the Physiology Joint Managing Board and also serves on the Physiological Reports Joint Managing Board.  A member of this Committee is an ex officio member, without vote, of the Book Committee.

Duties of the Publications Committee are to:
  • Manage the publications of the Society under policies determined by Council.
  • Offer advice and consent on the appointment of a Director of Publications.
  • Appoint editors, associate editors and the Book Committee Chair and Book Committee members,.
  • Submit actions of the Committee for publication in The Physiologist.
  • Solicit nominations from the editors of the Society's journals for membership on the Publications Committee, as vacancies occur. These nominations will be forwarded to the Committee on Committees for consideration by Council.
  • Evaluate journal goals, prior to the expiration of the editors' first term.
  • Ensure that journal editors serve as ex officio members of appropriate section Steering Committees.
  • Recommend to the Finance Committee and Council subscription prices for the Society’s journals and manuscript fees charged to authors.
  • Render an Annual Report on Publications Activities.
  • Deal with ethical issues regarding publications as they arise.

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