Porter Physiology Development and Minority Affairs Committee

This Committee is composed of at least seven members of the Society, including a trainee member who is a second-year Porter Fellow at the time of the appointment. The Committee has co-chairpersons. The Society's Director of Educational Programs and Director of Finance are ex officio members of the Committee, without vote.

The purpose of the Porter Physiology Development Program is to stimulate and support the development of minority students engaged in graduate study in physiology. In addition, the program provides assistance in the improvement of American departments of physiology in minority-serving institutions.

Duties of the Porter Physiology Development and Minority Affairs Committee are to:

  • Oversee the Porter Physiology Development program, including the definition of its objectives and selection criteria, assessment of its effectiveness, selection of awardees, oversight of the Porter Physiology Development fund, and provision of annual written reports to Council and the William Townsend Porter Foundation.

  • Rank applications of minority students to the APS Minority Travel Fellows Program, which are collated by the Director of Education Programs.

  • Coordinate career development activities for minority physiology students, especially Porter Fellows and Minority Travel Fellows.

  • Monitor the status of minorities in APS and promote the participation of minority physiologists in Society activities and governance.

  • Counsel physiology departments in American minority-serving institutions on curriculum and other improvements.

  • Develop new programs to promote diversity in physiology

  • Attend Porter Committee Meeting. Travel to these meetings will be paid for by APS.

  • Assist the Society in soliciting outside funds for support of the APS Minority Programs.

Minority Programs