Physiologists in Industry Committee

As Industry members, we are involved in diverse activities from drug discovery to nutritional development, science education and scientific communication, development of medical and diagnostic devices, as well as a variety of other endeavors. As physiologists, we are similar in that we all share an interest in the mechanisms and processes regulating molecular, cellular, organ, or organism function. Thus, although “Industry” means many things to many individuals, we have all shared in a similar process of integrating parts into a whole.

The APS Physiologists in Industry Committee (PIC) is comprised of a Chairperson as identified by the Committee on Committees, plus an industry representative appointed by each of the 12 sections. The PIC will meet at least once a year at EB to discuss issues of common concern or to initiate proposals, through Council, that have Society-wide effects to enhance relationships with industry.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Physiologists in Industry Committee (PIC) is to integrate the diversity of industry members into the APS by enhancing:

  1. Student and trainee understanding of the vast and diverse scientific and career opportunities in all facets of industry. The PIC will work in conjunction with the APS Careers Committee to do this.

  2. Society awareness of the innovation, rigor, and process involved in industry science.

  3. PIC member visibility and participation in APS sections and committees.

  4. Mentor, student, and trainee awareness and understanding of the scientific and interdisciplinary skills necessary to prepare for careers in industry science.

The mission stated herein will be addressed through PIC driven workshops, annual PIC symposia, presentations, and Society involvement.

Committee Roster and Annual Reports

Current Members

The Drug Discovery Process (PPT)

PowerPoint developed by the Physiologists in Industry Committee outlining the steps of the drug discovery process, including target selection and validation, discovery and development.

What Physiologists Working in Industry Do (PPT)

PowerPoint presentation developed by the Physiologists in Industry Committee describing the responsibilities and types of work a physiologist performs as a member of the pharmaceutical, biotech, or nutritional industry; and some of the primary personal attributes necessary to succeed in this environment.

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Industry Internships and Fellowships

Listing of internships and fellowships available at pharmaceutical companies