John F. Perkins Memorial Award Committee

The Fund was established in 1967 by the family and friends of John Forbes Perkins, Jr., who was professor of physiology at the University of Chicago and a devoted member of the Society. The Fund is supported by gifts in his memory. At the time of the establishment of the Fund, "it seemed appropriate that its purpose should be to help foreign scientists bring their families so that they could make fullest use of the cultural benefits inherent in international exchange."

The Committee is composed of four members, some of whom have ideally sponsored Perkins Fellows, and a member of the Perkins family, who is an ex officio member, without vote. The chairperson will ordinarily be someone who has special interests and experience with international exchanges and who has previously served on the Committee. The Chairperson of the Committee will serve on the International Physiology Committee as an ex officio member, without vote.

The general purpose of the Fund, a part of the Endowment Fund, is to aid and encourage enterprises in physiology that have cultural as well as scientific merit.

Duties of the Perkins Memorial Fund Committee are to:

  • Supervise administration of the Fund, including publication of brochures describing its purpose and operations.

  • Meet annually either by conference call or at the time of the spring meeting and at other times at the discretion of the chairperson.

  • Review applications and select recipients. Each application will be made jointly by a visiting scientist and his/her host, who must be a member of the Society. Financial arrangements for the visiting scientist will have been made before the application is submitted to the Fund. The application will contain an account of these arrangements, together with a description of the proposed scientific work and a brief account of how the visitor intends to make use of the cultural benefits.

Final selection of awards to applicants is ordinarily made by the Chairperson on the basis of correspondence with members of the Committee; the representative of the Perkins family need not be consulted in the selection process. Awards are made in December and June. Applications for awards must be made prior to October and April of the year in which the fellowship is to begin.

As part of the Endowment Fund, the Perkins Memorial Fund will be invested under supervision of the Finance Committee. The business office of the Society will submit an annual report to the Finance and the Perkins Memorial Fund Committees.