Other Committees

APS representatives to other organizations are appointed by Council for three-year terms unless otherwise specified. Representatives are required to report annually to Council. The Society is assessed annual dues by these organizations.

Federation of Societies for Experimental Biology Committees

Executive Officers Advisory

This standing committee, under the chairmanship of the FASEB Executive Director, addresses items of mutual interest to the Federation and the member societies. The APS Executive Director represents the Society as a voting member.


A Finance Committee, consisting of one member designated by each Member Society and appointed by the Federation Board shall be a standing committee of the Federation. The Finance Committee, in consultation with the FASEB Executive Director, recommends an annual budget to the Federation Board, safeguards the invested funds of the Federation, recommends an investment policy of the Federation subject to approval by the Federation Board, and, through the Comptroller, performs all negotiations with duly authorized investment counselors, and in all other ways assists the Treasurer.

Public Affairs Advisory

This ad hoc committee is to ensure that members of constituent societies are informed concerning national problems affecting the biomedical community. It ascertains and transmits the concerns of the members to those government or other public agencies requiring or requesting information. Normally, the APS Science Policy Committee chairperson or a designee represents the Society on this committee.


This ad hoc committee recommends to the FASEB Board policies controlling all publications and publication services of the Federation. It provides the FASEB Board with nominations for appointment of editor(s) and editorial board(s) for the Federation publications. A member of the APS Publications Committee is appointed to represent the Society on this committee.

Research Conference Advisory

This ad hoc committee determines the conference topics and chairpersons and is responsible for developing policies and standards for the conduct of the conferences. Each member society designates one member to this committee.

Council of Academic Societies (CAS)

The APS is represented on the Council of Academic Societies of the Association of American Medical Colleges by two members of Council, each serving for a three-year term.

Duties of the Society's representatives are to represent the views of the APS Membership and Council and to submit a annual written report of CAS activities to Council.

Other Organizations

The Society is represented on other organizations, as follows, and pays dues and/or makes a contribution:

  • American Association for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care -- one representative

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science -- three representatives (biology, education and medicine)

  • National Association for Biomedical Research -- one representative

  • US National Committee for IUPS -- three representatives

  • US National Committee on Biomechanics -- one representative