Committee Nomination Process

Committee Nominations

The Committee on Committees makes recommendations for committee appointments to Council from nominations received from APS members. Following is a description of the process that occurs for selection of new committee members.

During November and December, we request that APS members submit self-nomination forms for committee service, and solicit endorsements from other APS members.   We also request Council members, members of the Committee on Committees, committee chairs, section chairs, and members of the Association of Chairs of Departments of Physiology to aid in identifying qualified committee members, so they can be encouraged to self-nominate for a position.

At the spring Experimental Biology meeting, the Committee on Committees meets to select the final slate of candidates for committee vacancies.

At the spring Council meeting, the Committee on Committees chair presents the Committee's recommendations concerning appointments for committees to Council. Council approves all appointments to committees for service starting in January of the following year.

All candidates are notified in late May/early June about the status of their nomination.  Members are usually appointed to a committee for three years, although the appointment is reviewed annually.  Committee chairs can request that Council terminate a member’s appointment if the member is not participating in committee meetings and activities.   The expectations of committee members are provided at:

In some cases, a member cannot meet their service obligations to a committee due to extenuating circumstances (e.g., chronic illness, family emergency, funding issues).  In such cases, the member will be permitted to resign from the committee, with an expectation that the Committee on Committees will consider their application positively if they reapply for service on the same committee.

Optimizing the Likelihood You Will Be Appointed to a Committee.

Each section has a Committee on Committees representative who aids the members of their section in the nomination process.   Members who are interested in committee service should contact their Committee on Committee representative early in the nomination process.

Selection to a committee is based on several factors, including expertise of the nominee, their past history of service, and a number of demographic factors (seniority, section affiliation, gender, minority status, geographic location, etc.).   Consequently, it is unlikely that a nominee will be selected to a committee if their section is already well-represented on that committee, or if another member of their institution serves on the committee.   A member’s Committee on Committee representative can help direct their nomination to the most appropriate committee.

New policy in 2016: We strongly encourage members of sectional committees (e.g., the steering committee for a section) to nominate themselves for an APS-wide committee. However, individuals who are rotating off an APS-wide committee (appointed by the Committee on Committees, such as the Communications or Science Policy Committees) are encouraged to wait at least two years before reapplying for committee service. We implemented this policy to allow more members to be engaged in committee service.

New policy in 2016: Many APS-wide committees (but not all) have meetings during Experimental Biology. It is recognized that tight budgets prevent some members from attending Experimental Biology each year.  Thus, we have generated a list of committees that require attendance at Experimental Biology, and those that don’t.  Attendance record of a nominee at Experimental Biology will be considered for the “Experimental Biology Required” committees, but not the others.

Experimental Biology Required   Experimental Biology Not Required
Animal Care
Career Opportunities
Communications   Distinguished Physiologists
Education   Finance
Porter   International Physiology
Science Policy
  John F. Perkins Award
Women in Physiology
    Ray Daggs

Nomination Procedures for Committee Appointments

Any APS member wishing to be a candidate for a committee position should submit an application via the APS awards module Please submit an application for each committee to which you are applying. These forms are not for Section Committee positions.

Please note that the membership of the Committee on Committees (CoC), Joint Program Committee (JPC), Membership, Physiologists in Industry (formerly the Liaison with Industry Committee), Section Advisory and Trainee Advisory Committees are comprised of representatives appointed by the individual APS sections, therefore we do not accept nominations for these committees. Should you know of someone who is interested in serving on one of these committees, please have them contact their section chair to learn about the nomination process.

Forms should be submitted only via awards module Applications are due January 15, 2019. Questions concerning the nomination process can be directed to Scarletta Whitsett, Executive Assistant, at swhitsett@the-aps.