Membership & FAPS Committee

This Committee is composed of nine or more regular members, and at least one graduate student member of the Society. Ad hoc members will be included if work with other Society Committees necessitates it. Members are not eligible for reappointment.

The Membership Committee is charged with articulating the benefits and value of joining the Society and communicating them to all key member groups. The Committee will also actively work to attract, meet the needs of, engage and retain membership subgroups.

Members of the Membership & FAPS Committee are expected to:

  • Consider all matters pertaining to membership and report its activities to Council, including playing an active role in the recruitment of ALL new members to the Society and advising Council on member retention strategies.
  • Institute creative measures to improve the visibility of, and dissemination of membership opportunities and benefits for ALL of Society membership.
  • Administer the Fellow of the American Physiological Society (FAPS) Program in accordance with the criteria established by the Committee and approved by Council.
  • To remain in good standing a committee member must attend either the annual committee meeting at Experimental Biology and/or actively participate in the decision-making process for the FAPS Program