Joint Program Committee

The Society's Bylaws specify:
ARTICLE V. Section 5. Joint Program Committee
  A Joint Program Committee ... shall be responsible for scientific programs of the Society....

This Committee is composed of at least one representative from each of the APS sections and interest groups, the chair of the APS Education Committee, and a representative from The Microcirculatory Society who may not serve more than two consecutive terms. The term of office for both section/group representatives and at-large members will be made annually for a maximum of three years. The President-Elect is an ex officio member of the Committee, without vote. The Chairperson is an ex officio member of Council, without vote.

Duties of the Joint Program Committee are to:

  • Develop the Experimental Biology (EB) scientific programs for the Society

  • Ensure the scientific integrity of the Society’s EB scientific programs.

  • Assist Council in shaping policy for scientific programs.

  • Seed cross-cutting elements of the APS/ EB meeting.

  • Seed oral sessions (approximately one-third of the total) for the EB meeting.

  • Coordinate the abstracts for the EB meeting.

  • Coordinate inter-Society programming.

  • Review the sections’ programs to avoid overlap or duplication.

  • Define the number of oral sessions for sections and interest groups.