International Physiology Committee

This Committee is composed of six or more members, and one trainee member of the Society as designated by Council. The President, President-Elect, and Past President, who are members of the US National Committee for the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS), are ex officio members of the Committee. The chairperson of the John F. Perkins Memorial Award for International Physiologists Committee and the Treasurer of the IUPS are also ex officio members.  

Duties of the International Physiology Committee are to:

  • Communicate and confer with the International members of APS to ensure that the Society meets their membership needs.

  •  In consultation with Council, handle all matters pertaining to international physiological affairs.

  • Establish communication between the APS and other physiological societies and their individual members.

  • Develop mechanisms for and promote interactions and exchanges between APS members and other international physiologists.

  • Develop programs to enhance the role of APS within the international scientific community.

  • In collaboration with the Conference Committee, act as a clearinghouse for requests from international societies for joint meetings and workshops or other types of support.

  • Promote and assist in the organization of symposia and/or workshops involving international physiologists/physiological societies that occur at APS meetings or at meetings of other physiological societies.

  • Oversee the Latin American Initiative, an APS program providing support for conferences and workshops in Latin America, and act as the review panel for applications for funding through this initiative.

  • Review applications for the International Early Career Physiologist Travel Award.

  • Maintain and strengthen relations with IUPS and be a conduit for distributing IUPS information to APS members.

  • Work with the Committee on Committees to appoint international members to serve on APS Committees.

International Opportunity Program Information

International Early Career Physiologist Travel Award