Conference Committee


  • Make recommendation to Council for approval of conferences
  • Solicit topics and organizers
    • Develop a timeline for submission and review of proposals
    • Stimulate submissions
    • Ensure scientific quality, timeliness and importance of conference topics
    • Promote inclusion of underrepresented groups (females, ethnic minorities, researchers in industry, junior investigators, etc.)
    • Promote appropriate balance in length of meeting, number of talks, types of speakers
    • Ensure inclusion of trainee opportunities in each conference
    • Encourage recurring conferences
  • Facilitate administration of conferences
    • Work with the section leadership to solicit organizers and topics and funding
    • Work with the conference organizer to promote program success
    • Assist with marketing opportunities for conference proposals
    • Assist in identifying overlapping meetings
    • Ensure fiscal responsibility (budget preparation)
    • Identify potential sources of funding
  • Evaluate conferences
    • Post evaluation of conference programs
    • Post evaluation of conference venues
  • Think to the future
    • Identify innovative technologies
    • Identify evolving topics
    • Identify future venues