Career Symposia

The Career Symposia are organized by the Career Opportunities in Physiology Committee and cover all aspects of careers and career issues relevant to today’s trainees at all stages of their career (graduate, postdoctoral, early career).

Below are links to the Career Symposia from each year's Experimental Biology meeting.


2018 Career Symposium: "Hallmarks of and Ground Rules for Productive Collaborations in Science"

Speakers from industry and academia discuss defining and maintaining successful scientific collaborations.

2017 Career Symposium: The Many Facets of a "Teaching Career"

This symposium is targeting scientists pursing an academic career which includes teaching.

2016 Career Symposium: Leadership and Management Skills: What You Might Not See in Your CV

Experts in leadership and management will discuss exploring, identifying, and applying inherent and learned leadership / management skills.

2015 Career Symposium: Resilience is Power: Dealing with the Ups and Downs of Your Scientific Career

Experts in the psychology of resilience as well as scientists offer advice on adaptability and resilience specific to the discipline.

2014 Career Symposium: Conscious Choice and Serendipity in Your Career Trajectory

Scientists working in industry, government, education and consulting provide overviews of a varying array of scientific career options in physiology.

2013 Career Symposium: Communicating Science to Non-Scientists

Session to train scientists to effectively communicate the scientific process to the general public.

2012 Career Symposium: Do I Need Another Degree?

Many PhD professionals are now pursuing additional degrees to increase their ability to be competitive for new job opportunities in science.

2011 Career Symposium: New Opportunities in Non-Traditional Academic Positions

New models of employment are being created that allow both the institutions and the faculty more flexibility and a variety of opportunities.

2010 Career Symposium: Government Careers in Physiology Revealed

There are many career opportunities in the various branches and agencies of the US government.

2009 Career Symposium: Rising and Surviving: Elucidating Tenure and Promotion in Multiple Career Paths

The tenure and promotion process in both academia and industry are of crucial importance for career development.

2008 Career Symposium: Mid-career Transitions: Choices and Challenges

Mid-career transitions are common and may involve equal or greater challenges and opportunities than those of early-career scientists.

2007 Career Symposium: Guide for Successful Collaboration:

Scientific collaboration is a critical feature of the research process.

2006 Career Symposium: Navigating the Interview: How to Make It Work for You

If you are not able to interview successfully, you’re not likely to get the job.

2005 Career Symposium: International Collaboration: Science Knows No Boundaries

The skills and savvy needed to establish and maintain research collaborations across political and cultural boundaries are essential components to a successful career in science.

2004 Career Symposium: Planning a Successful Postdoctoral Experience: A Proactive Approach

A positive and successful postdoctoral experience is an essential component of the career development path.