Career Opportunities in Physiology Committee

The Career Opportunities in Physiology Committee is advisory to Council and serves as a resource for current information regarding career options in physiology, professional development at diverse levels, and fostering career interest in physiology. The Committee shall be composed of at least twelve members with at least half being early career physiologists, including one student and one post-doctoral trainee as voting members. The committee should include representatives from diverse careers such as government, industry, and military. A member of the Trainee Advisory Committee, Porter Physiology Development Committee, Women in Physiology Committee, and the Society's Director of Education Programs shall serve as ex officio members without vote.

Duties of the Career Opportunities in Physiology Committee are to:

  • Develop and update outreach material related to career opportunities in the physiological sciences (such as the APS Career Poster, the APS Career Web site, presentation resources for APS members, career trading cards, PhUn week career materials, and other materials as needed).
  • Organize workshops, symposia, training courses, and other activities to further physiological career development at diverse educational and professional levels (such as EB career symposium, EB undergraduate orientation).
  • Work with the Association of Chairs of Departments of Physiology, appropriate APS Committees, and other relevant interest groups (e.g., the Trainee Advisory, Education, Physiologists in Industry, Women in Physiology, and Porter Physiology Development Committees) to gather information about the current demand for and the suitability of the training of physiologists and to collaborate on career development activities for physiologists at all levels.
  • Oversee Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship programs (such as UGSRF and UGREF), including the definition of their objectives and selection criteria, assessment of their effectiveness, and selection of awardees.
  • Oversee additional career related outreach activities and awards (such as the APS Local Science Fair award program, excellence in professional student (MD/DO) research  award, and Video Contest), including the definition of its objectives and assessment of effectiveness of these programs.

Committee Roster and Annual Reports

2017 Annual Report

Current Members

Slides and Posters on Physiology Careers

Downloadable presentations and notes for outreach talks on physiology and career opportunities for middle school, high school and undergraduate students