Chapter Advisory Committee
This Committee is composed of a representative from each chapter of the Society. The chairperson serves a three-year term and is selected by the Chapter Advisory Committee with Council approval. All chapters will have an obligation to promote, at the local level, the general objectives of the Society, including its goal of interdisciplinary contacts among research workers interested in the physiological sciences and education of the general public and future physiologists.

The duties of the Chapter Advisory Committee are to:

  • Elect a chairperson, who is a member of the committee. (If a current committee member is elected, then a new chapter representative will be appointed.)
  • Meet annually at the spring meeting of the Society.
  • Review and update the Chapter Bylaws.
  • Maintain a User’s Manual.
  • Undertake local community outreach activities and interact with regional Biomedical Research Organizations where possible.
  • Present an annual report to Council at the Summer Council meeting.
  • Make recommendations to Council regarding strengthening of the Chapters’ role in programs, publications, public affairs, and governance of the Society