Committee on Committees
This Committee is composed of one member elected by each section, who is not an officer, and two Councillors, one of whom serves as chairperson. The Councillors serve on the Committee for the duration of their terms on Council.

The purposes of this advisory committee are to make recommendations for nominees to the standing committees following consultation with sections, thus allowing the latter to have a direct relationship with the affairs of the Society, and to review committee functions and recommend changes when appropriate.

Because of the importance of the Education, Finance, Joint Program, Science Policy, and Publications Committees, the Committee on Committees will send its recommendations for Chairs to the Executive Cabinet, who will interview members for the chairmanship and submit its recommendations to Council for final approval.

Members of Council (including the three Presidents) shall not be appointed to committees unless required by the Bylaws.

Members of committees may not be reappointed unless there is a valid reason, such as the person is to become chairperson or at the direction of Council.

Members shall not serve on more than one committee, unless the Bylaws or Council requires it, such as liaison or ex officio cross appointments.

Duties of the Committee on Committees are to:

  • Review the charges of the various committees with regards to overlapping responsibilities and propose changes to Council when appropriate.
  • Ensure that there is adequate section representation on appropriate committees.
  • Request nominations from the chairpersons of the APS Committees, the APS Sections, and the Association of Chairs of Departments of Physiology. Acknowledge receipt of all nominations.
  • Notify annually each candidate not selected for committee appointment to determine if he/she wishes to remain under consideration.
  • Select nominees to fill committee vacancies using alternates previously nominated.
  • Meet at the spring meeting to select nominees for committee vacancies for submission to Council at its annual spring meeting.