Awards Committee
This Committee is composed of at least twelve members of the Society, a trainee member, and a Council liaison. The Chairs of the Porter Physiology Development Program and the Women in Physiology Committees are ex officio members, without vote.

Duties of the Awards Committee are to:
  • Oversee all of the award programs of the Society to ensure uniformity and conformity with the goals of APS.
  • Investigate new means of funding for the APS awards program, especially with regard to expansion of the program.
  • Select the Research Career Enhancement Awardees, Teaching Career Enhancement Awardees, the Dean Franklin Young Investigator Awardee, the Arthur C. Guyton Awards for Excellence in Integrative Physiology Awardee, the Shih-Chin Wang Young Investigator Awardee, and the Lazaro J. Mandel Young Investigator Awardee.
  • Review procedures for the selection of sectional awards and recommend possible changes.