The American Physiological Society Awards program demonstrates the Society's dedication to its members and biomedical research by recognizing the research efforts of outstanding APS members. As part of our mission to foster education, scientific research and dissemination of information in the physiological sciences, APS hands out more than 400 awards in the field of physiology each year totaling more than $1.2 million. Awards are offered by the Society and the various Society Sections. And for a different snapshot of awards available, please view our APS News Update – Awards Special Edition for Winter Deadlines

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    Section Awards

    Cardiovascular Section Awards

    Cardiovascular Section (CVS) Award Descriptions

    Cell & Molecular Physiology Section Awards

    Cell & Molecular Physiology (CAMPS) Award Descriptions

    Central Nervous System Section Awards

    Central Nervous System (CNS) Section Award Descriptions

    Comparative & Evolutionary Section Awards

    Comparative & Evolutionary Physiology Section (CEPs) Award Descriptions

    Endocrinology & Metabolism Section Awards

    Endocrinology & Metabolism (E-M) Section Award Descriptions

    Environmental & Exercise Section Awards

    Environmental & Exercise Physiology (EEP) Section Award Descriptions

    Gastrointestinal & Liver Section Awards

    Gastrointestinal & Liver (GI&L) Section Award Descriptions

    Neural Control & Autonomic Reg. Section Awards

    Neural Control & Autonomic Regulation (NCAR) Section Awards

    Renal Section Awards

    Renal Section Award Descriptions

    Respiration Section Awards

    Respiration Section (Resp) Award Descriptions

    Teaching Section Awards

    Teaching of Physiology (Teach) Section Award Descriptions

    Water & Electrolyte Homeostasis Section Awards

    Water & Electrolyte Homeostasis (WEH) Section Award Descriptions

    Group Awards

    Physiological -Omics Group Award

    Physiological -Omics Group (POG) Awards Description

    Other APS Awards

    Senior Physiologist

    Senior Physiologist award descriptions.

    Established Professional

    Established Professional award descriptions.

    Early Career Professional Awards

    Early Career Professional award descriptions.

    Postdoctoral Fellow or Medical Resident

    Postdoctoral Fellow or Medical Resident award descriptions.

    Graduate or Medical Student

    Graduate or Medical Student awards and fellowship descriptions.


    Undergraduate award and fellowship descriptions.

    K-12 Teacher

    Award and fellowship descriptions for K-12 teachers.

    K-12 Student

    Awards for K-12 students

    All Award Recipients

    View Current and Past Award Recipients for all APS Other Awards