IUPS 2017 Travel Award Program

IUPS 2017 Travel Award Program

$750 to $1,000

Deadline: April 30, 2017
Contact: Executive Office

APS is seeking applications for travel awards for the XXXVIII IUPS Congress in Rio de Janeiro scheduled for August 1 – 5, 2017.   Information about the Congress is available at http://www.iups2017.com/.   

An Awards Committee will screen the applications, and the awards will be made by APS, which is raising funds for the travel. The travel awards will be for $1,000 to help cover a portion of your airfare to Brazil.

The awards are intended for individuals whose funds for attending the Congress are limited. Federal employees are eligible. Must be an APS member to apply. We welcome applications from Graduate Students, Postdoctoral fellows, Medical Residents, Early Career Professionals (Asst. Professor, Asst. Researcher, etc), Established Professional (Professor, Researcher, Dean, Director, etc), and Senior Physiologist (70+ years of age). Junior investigators (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty/researchers) are strongly encouraged to apply. It is anticipated that more applications will be received than can be funded.  Notification of awards will come in two phases, an initial group of applicants funded in the spring and another group notified during the summer, just prior to the Congress.

To achieve as high a rank as possible, the following factors should be considered:
  • Complete all questions on the application.
  • Provide copies of letters of invitation if you have been invited to the Congress to make a presentation.
  • Provide an indication of participation in the Congress, including presentations and attendance for most or all sessions.
  • Have travel plans that include other professional visits or work.

The deadline for submissions of applications for travel awards is April 30, 2017. The application is available through the APS online award module at http://www.the-aps.org/awardapps. To help you prepare to apply the applications questions are listed below.

Application Questions:
  1. Dates of Attendance at IUPS Congress: Do you plan to attend the entire Congress? If no, please list the dates you plan to attend.
  2. Satellite Meetings: Do you plan to attend a satellite meeting? Yes or No. If yes, please indicate which satellite meeting(s) you plan to attend.  
  3. Abstract for IUPS Congress: Do you intend to submit an abstract to the Congress? If yes, please provide the abstract title.
  4. Abstract information: Anticipated abstract (not more than 250 words) you plan to present at the Congress, including the names of author(s) and coauthors. Please indicate presenter. If not submitting an abstract, please submit an abstract of your current work.
  5. Area of specialty: Please list all physiological societies in which you are a member. Please describe your area of specialty (e.g. cell physiology, neurophysiology, etc.)
  6. Membership in other physiological societies? (other than APS)
  7. Please indicate if you are employed by the US Federal government more than half-time.
  8. Are you employed by the US Federal Government more than half time?
  9. Travel and Support: What is your city of departure? What is the amount of support being requested? What is the amount of other support available (including personal)?
  10. Current Publications: Please provide a list of your most recent publications (not more than 5 titles, giving full references). If including manuscripts in press or abstracts, please indicate.
  11. Purpose of Trip: Give a brief resume (not to exceed 2 pages) of the scientific purposes and goals of your trip in addition to attending the Congress, including other meetings, laboratories you plan to visit, work on collaborations, etc.

APS Awardee Responsibilities and Tax Rules