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The Physiological Genomics Interest Group New Investigator Award, with generous support from APS Strategic Partner, ADInstruments ($500 plus meeting registration), recognizes an outstanding early career investigator.  The objective of the PG Group New Investigator Award is to stimulate innovative research in physiological genomics and to recruit young scientists to the field of physiological genomics. Each year, the PG group invites nominations from young investigators who have authored publications in Physiological Genomics between January and December from the previous year.  Awardees are recognized at the Physiological Genomics Group luncheon at the 2017 EB Meeting.

The criteria of nominees for the PG Group New Investigator Award include:
a) the first author or a senior author of a Physiological Genomics publication in the previous year; b) not be above the rank of Assistant Professor (or academic/industry equivalent) at the time of nomination; and c) have earned their Ph.D. degree within the last 10 years.

Candidates will be judged on the overall impact, originality of research, and presentation quality of the Physiological Genomics publication, their research career emphasis on physiological genomics, and their academic and publication track record.

Required Documents:
- Nomination letter (~1 page) describing the significance and quality of the nominee’s peer-reviewed article in Physiological Genomics; the innovation and relevance of the nominee’s current area of physiological; genomics research; and the merit of the nominee in scholarly and research efforts (self-nominations will be accepted).
- Curriculum vitae
- Physiological Genomics reprint or link to publication

All application materials for the 2017 award should be submitted ONLINE by January 31, 2017. Please address all correspondence to  Michael Massett, Ph.D. Chair of the APS/PG Group Award Committee,