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Check below for the most recent news items and announcements from APS’s Office of Science Policy.

What to Expect in the 116th Congress

The mid-term elections held on November 6, 2018 will bring change to Washington, D.C., though as of this writing, it is unclear exactly how much. Democrats will take the majority in the House of Representatives, while Republicans are expected to maintain a slim majority in the Senate.

APS calls on Congress to support NIH, NSF research

APS President Dennis Brown sent letters to the appropriations committees in both houses of Congress urging increased funding for NIH and NSF.

USDA to Offer Incentive for Self-Reporting Noncompliance

USDA is offering an incentive for facilities to proactively identify, report, and correct animal welfare issues. At the same time, USDA underscored that such self-reporting is voluntary.

Agencies Seek Ideas for Reducing Administrative Burden

Representatives of NIH, USDA, and FDA held a listening session on January 9, 2018 as part of an effort to review of animal welfare oversight regulations in response to a Congressional mandate to reduce administrative burden while maintaining the integrity and credibility of research.

APS Statement on Taxation of Graduate Student Tuition Waivers

The APS urges Congress to preserve the current tax exempt status of tuition waivers for graduate students who serve as teaching or research assistants.

Groups Urge Streamlining Animal Research Oversight

Prominent research organizations recently issued recommendations for promoting greater efficiency in the oversight of animal research.

FY 2018 Federal Funding Update

On September 8, 2017, President Trump signed legislation to extend current funding levels for all federal agencies and programs through December 8, 2017.

NIH Issues New Policies for Early and Mid-Career Investigators

On August 31, 2017, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released new policy guidance supporting the Next Generation Researchers Initiative. The goals of the initiative are to help investigators establish and maintain independent research programs at an earlier age; stabilize the biomedical research workforce; and enhance diversity.

NIH Announces Initiative to Fund Early and Mid-Career Researchers

The new NIH Next Generation Researchers Initiative is aimed at increasing grant support for early-stage and vulnerable mid-career investigators. It replaces an earlier plan to limit the number of grants per investigator and was first presented at a meeting of the NIH Advisory Committee to the Director.

NIH Announces Policy to Limit Grant Support

On May 2, 2017, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Deputy Director Lawrence Tabak announced that NIH will phase in a new policy limiting the amount of grant support going to any single investigator.

Max Planck Society Issues White Paper on Animal Research

On January 12, 2017, the Max Planck Society (MPS) in Germany published a white paper on the use of animals in basic research. MPS is a non-profit research organization made up of 83 Max Planck Institutes and facilities.

APS Critiques Animal Rights Report, Congressional Requests for Information

APS President Jane F. Reckelhoff challenged recent Congressional requests for an investigation of animal research at federal agencies in a letter to the head of the Government Accountability Office.

APS Reaffirms Core Values

At this time of great challenges, the APS reaffirms its commitment to its core values

FASEB Launches Model Organism Database

The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) has created an online tool to help researchers find suppliers of organisms ranging from algae to mice, fruit flies, and maize.

APS Responds to NIGMS RFI on Strategies for Modernizing Biomedical Graduate Education

In response to an NIGMS RFI on Modernizing Biomedical Graduate Education, the APS Science Policy and Education Committees jointly developed a response that emphasized the need for students to develop a range of core skills that will serve students well in their future careers.

UPDATE: Antibody producer settles USDA case, relinquishes AWA credentials

On May 19, 2016, antibody producer Santa Cruz Biotechnology (SCBT), Inc. reached an agreement with the USDA to resolve allegations of numerous Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations.

NIH to End All Chimpanzee Research

NIH Director Francis Collins announced a plan to retire all NIH-owned chimpanzees.

NIH Releases Agency-Wide Strategic Plan

In response to calls from Congress, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released its first agency-wide strategic plan.

APS Advocates for NIH, NSF Research

Earlier this year as Congress was working to complete fiscal year (FY) 2018 spending bills, APS helped bring attention to the need to increase biomedical research funding.