Shutdown Impacts on Research

Below are notices from research funding and oversight agencies concerning their efforts to resume operations in the wake of the partial government shutdown:


The National Science Foundation’s has set up a page to provide guidance on its resumption of operations, available here:


NIH has issued new guidance related to grant reviews missed because of the government shutdown, which supersedes the guidance released on Oct 18. For more details, see:

Under the recent budget agreement, NIH is operating under a continuing resolution (CR) through January 15th. NIH has issued a notice announcing that it will issue non-competing research grant awards at a level below that indicated on the most recent Notice of Award (generally up to 90 percent of the previously committed level). Upward adjustments will be considered when a final appropriations bill is enacted. This action is consistent with NIH’s previous practice while working under CRs.

NIH has published a revised version of the NIH Grants Policy Statement, which will be applicable to all NIH grants with budget periods beginning on or after October 1, 2013.

NIH has updated its sequester fact sheet to reflect current data. The number of fewer competitive research project grants awarded by NIH due to sequestration has been updated to 640.


OLAW has issued the following statement on its “Current News Flashes and Archives” page.

OLAW has extended reporting deadlines for PHS-Assured institutions to compensate for the government shutdown period. Deadlines for Assurance documents and annual reports with October submission due dates have been extended an additional 30 days. Preliminary and final reports of noncompliance, reports of IACUC suspensions, and all other correspondence should be submitted to OLAW as soon as possible.

Federal institutions unable to conduct semiannual facility inspections or program reviews as scheduled due to the shutdown have a 30 day extension to complete such activities. The government shutdown should be noted as the reason for the delay in the 2013 annual report to OLAW due in January 2014.

For guidance on NIH Extramural activities, see Guide Notice NOT-OD-14-007. For questions, email or phone 301-496-7163. OLAW will continue to provide updates as necessary.


APHIS Administrator Kevin Shea sent a message to the agency’s stakeholders on October 17 informing them that APHIS employees are “we happy to be back on the job” and “anxious to get things back to normal here at APHIS as quickly as possible.”