Resources For Teaching Evolution
The American Physiological Society supports the teaching of evolution in schools as part of a comprehensive biology curriculum. Scientists accept the modern theory of evolution as an important natural process that allows us to understand the history of life and the adaptation of organisms to changing environments. The links listed below provide the perspectives of many different organizations on the teaching of evolution, as well as a variety of resources for teachers and students.

FASEB Evolution Resources

Resources for teaching and promoting evolution from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

NAS Evolution Resources

Links to statements, articles, and free online books relating to evolution from The National Academy of Sciences

Decision in Dover, PA Intelligent Design Case

On December 20, 2005, a federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled that the Dover area school district could not teach Intelligent Design (ID) as part of its science curriculum. Also included in the 138-page decision (PDF) was a ruling that ID does not meet reasonable standards to be considered science. The landmark ruling is unlikely to be appealed by the school board as the ID proponents were voted off the board in the election following the ruling.

HHMI Evolution Lecture Series

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute presented Evolution: Constant Change and Common Threads, a series of four lectures.

AAAS Statement on Teaching Evolution

A statement by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) on teaching evolution. (PDF)

Understanding Evolution

An evolution website for teachers, from University of California.

National Center for Science Education

The National Center for Science Education is dedicated to keeping evolution in public school science education.

NSTA Evolution Resources

Links to publications, press releases, and other resources from the National Science Teachers Association.

New Analyses Bolster Central Tenets of Evolution Theory

A straightforward explanation of natural selection and an example drawn from the chimpanzee genome

The Facts of the Evolution: Fighting the Endarkenment

An editorial in the FASEB Journal by editor-in-chief, Gerald Weissmann.

FASEB Statement Supporting Evolution

An official statement by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology supporting the teaching of evolution. (PDF)

NABT's Statement on Teaching Evolution

The official statement of the National Association of Biology Teachers.

AIBS Promoting Education Evolution Policy

The American Institute for Biological Sciences offers information and a listserve for teachers who are teaching evolution in a difficult atmosphere.

Evolution Resources from NOVA

Online courses, videos, resources and activities for students and teachers from WGBH and NOVA.

The 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial

A PBS special about the historic evolution education trial.

State by State Political Challenges to the Teaching of Evolution

The American Geological Institute breaks down the political difficulties to teaching evolution on a state-by-state basis.

Concept Cartoons About Evolution

These cartoons illustrate common misconceptions about evolution.